May 13 2014 パーソナルカラー Personal Color: Winterウィンター

Summer, Autumn, Winter)に分類されます。

● 特徴:シャープで都会的なはっきりした色合い 
● ベストカラー: ロイヤルブルー・ボルドー・黒・白

It is said that appearances of the first impression is very important to impress others.
Personalcolors are defined as the best color and color combinations that can generate
and maximize your charm. The personal colors are divided into four classes including
spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The person who is in winter has a cool atmosphere.
● Feature: Sharp, urban and vivid color
● Best Color: Royal Blue, Bordeaux, Black and White



by miwakodastudio | 2014-05-12 15:00 | Personal Color

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