October 10, 2015 マダムマリコのお皿 Plate for Madam Mariko

昨日お話したけれど、選んだ食器、BERNARDAUD GRACE (グラース)もそのコンセプトです。
『Madam Mariko』 のイメージはまさにこれなんです。(7月パーソナルアートクラス)

As I mentioned yesterday, the items that used for the table for Madam Mariko at Personal Art
Class were turquoise blue and shiny. The plate called BERNARDAUD GRACE was selected on
the concept. This plate is definitely for Madam Mariko's image. (Personal Art Class in July).



by miwakodastudio | 2015-10-10 07:00 |  └ Item

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